Spot-welded screens
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Spot-welded screens


Screens are suitable for the production of transportation pallets, covers, crates, metal furniture, paneling, cages for breeding fur animals, screens for the wire program, building interiors, decorations, nets for concrete products, templates for floor heating, industrial floors, cable troughs, pergolas, fencing, storage elements, storage pallets, protective barriers, fencing of machines, wide use in agriculture.


11 300, 11 320, 11 343, 11 373, 11523, BSt 500M, BSt 500G and galvanized wire, stainless steel

Screen dimensions

According to customer's requirements, max. width (see the attached table)

Production capabilities



  • Manufacture of screens from the mesh size 5 × 5 mm
  • combination of different wire diameters
  • combination of different distances of longitudinal and transverse wires
  • trims around the perimeter wire
  • cuts at the corners and edges of the screens

Opening size

Its possible to vary according to the customer's requirements.


Welded meshes are produced by resistance spot welding on the machines made in the company Schlatter. These machines are characterized by high precision and high productivity. 


Welded screens are very widely used due to the different possible combinations of a mesh and wire diameter. It is possible to choose from a wide range of square and rectangular meshes.




  • Wire screens of thickness up to 2mm are packed in rolls.
  • Wire screens of thickness from 2 mm wire are packed in sheets.