Wire screens and cloths
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Wire screens and cloths

Wire cloths are produced by a combination of warp and weft wires.  They guarantee versatility in relation to the desired hole, strength and aesthetics. The cloths offer a high variety of demanding design-oriented solutions with individual aesthetic and reliable functionality.

The kinds of fabrics are as diverse as the architecture itself. According to the choice of the weft and warp wires or strands and also the type of fabric, various images with specific optical and light effects are created.

Spot-welded screens

Screens are suitable for the production of transportation pallets, covers, crates, metal furniture, paneling,...

Crimped wire screens

Mesh fencing to frames, manufacture of transport pallets, racks, metal furniture, stair railings,...

Welded mesh

Využíva sa najmä na oplotenie klietok a voliér, pre chovnú zver (nazýva sa tiež chovateľské pletivo) prípadne...

Hexagonal mesh

It is a conventional standard mesh fence which belongs in our country to the most widely used. It is used...