Filter cloths


In a smoth weave

The weft wires are so close one to another, that "zero meshes" are created. Warp wires are thicker than weft wires. The good flow capacity determined by the identical holes and also easy cleaning are the main positive features.

Twilled (light impermeable)

The weft wires are placed closely next to one another in the twilled weave. One weft wire always lays above and one below the warp wire. The number of wires is doubled compared to the woven weave (see the drawing).

Armoured filter cloth respect. inverted belt

Unlike woven weave belts most wires are in the warp system. Therefore the weft wires are considerably thicker than the warp wires. This special construction produces great stability and it ensures good flow capacity.

Broad mesh filter cloth

This filter cloth is produced in the same way as the common belts. Weft wires are not laid so closely next to each other but at a certain distance and this increases flow capacity. The disadvantage is a  low degree of hole regularity. Broad filter cloth is produced:

  • in smooth weave
  • in twilled weave

Armoured twilled filter cloth


It is a technical cloth where the combination of the twilled weave and the location of most of the wires in the warp creates high stability and strength, allowing the use in extremely demanding environments.