Laboratory screens
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Laboratory screens

Screening area:

stainless steel technical cloth

perforated metal sheet - zinc coating

electroformed perforated nickel coated sheet (under 20 microns)

Frame: mostly stainless steel

Height: full 50 mm (2 inch), half 25 mm (1 inch)

sieves provided with sealing rubber rings


Circle sieves with diameter 100, 200, 300, 400 mm; it is possible to order sieves with diameter written in english inches, but they can not be combinated with the sieves diameters written in mm (deviations)

Square sieves in a beech frame with dimensions 500x500 mm or 300x300 mm

sieves for screening machines ALPINE - old and new generation (diameter 200 or 203 mm)

Certification: the sieves are delivered with a taking over protocol, by which   the producer confirms that the technical cloth, inserted in the frame, was measured and approved; if there is a demand, we can arrange attestation or calibration (it is not included in the basic price of the sieve)

Sieves are produced in accordance with the regulation DIN ISO 3310

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