UWL 400


Extremly strong and quiet T - for dry screening; N - for wet screening

  • for analytical sieves with diameter 200 mm, 8" (203 mm), 300 mm, 315 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm
  • three-dimensional movement of the sieve
  • max. weight of testing sample: 20 kg


Sieve tension: 400 V of alternating current, 50 Hz

Time switch: 0-60 minutes or continuous operation

Weight: app 190 kg

As the most effective machines of HAVER line, the analytical screening machines UWL 400 have the best preconditions for effective and undefected screening. These machines are especially used for coarse-grained materials. They can have 8 to 10 analytical sieves with the height of 65 mm in a standard form (leading bars with the length of 850 and 1000 mm, for EASY LOCK bars 900 mm). We can deliver laboratory machines UWL 400 for dry screening in the following versions: UWL 40 H for square sieves with a wooden frame (300x300 mm or 500x500 mm) or UWL 400 Ex for screening dangerous materials in explosive surroundings.

For optimal operation the machine can be placed into a noise elimination box.