Photo-optical analysis
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Photo-optical anlysis of particles

The device HAVER - CPA enables to make analyses of a granule size and shape. The device, that is based on the technology of vitreous fibres, measures dry and unagglomerated loose material in the range of 40 µm to 400 mm. The flow of particles is continuously scanned like on a fax machine.

In comparison with other optical measuring methods, it achieves a much bigger measure range and quicker flow of the measured material. A digital scanning camera CCD processes over 20 million pixels per second and up to 4.000 particles at the resolution up to 12 µm /pixel/.

The analysis HAVER -CPA provides the values of a granule shape, number of particles, information about a perimeter and surface of particles, distribution of granules according to any size class and other parametres. The analysis of a granule size shows a distribution of granule sizes as a curve of undersizes, oversizes or density.

Results are presentated either in a chart or graphicaly. The devices can be operated up to - 40°C, for example in the food-processing industry. The devices online are used in various branches of industry. They are used for continuous optimalization of the production. All standard interfaces are set.