Soil penetrometers

We offer a wide range of static, dynamic and static/dynamic penetrometers.
Our huge experience gained in this field predetermines that even more demanding  customer's requirements will be satisfied.

Static penetrometers

We supply extrusion equipment with a capacity of 100 to 200 kN either in a trailer version or it can be installed on a customer's own truck.
This one can also be equiped with electric piezo-cone device.

Dynamic penetrometers

Apart from the simplest manually operated models with 8, 10 and 20 kg hammer having a fall heights of 57.5, 50 and 20 cm, we also offer a model Penny which is a motor-driven hydraulic device with a 20 kg hammer and a fall height of 20 cm.
The SPT  / Standard Penetration Test / equipment completes the range of products.
Note that in order to use this device a suitable drilling set is necessary .

Static/dynamic penetrometers

Model called DINASTAR 25 kN with a 30 kg hammer and a fall height of 20 cm is used for dynamic testing.
The device can be supplied in a basic standard version, trailer version and in a track version. It can perform both static and dynamic penetrometer tests. but while changing the modes, it is neccessary to replace the cones. A special feature of this device is that it is capable of performing static tests without a special anchoring system and therefore allowing the device to be used in demanding applications where it is not possible to use standard penetrometers.