Mechanical tests of steel
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Flexibility tests

Company  VOMET offers a wide range of hydraulic computer equipment, where models consist of either two or four  bar structures with a capacity of 600 to 1000 kN. All devices can also be equipped to use UTM. They are also available in different types of extensometers to measure the deformation, some of them may be left in place until the sample breaks. We also supply accessories allowing flexibility, bending and pressure tests. A device with a capacity of 1000 kN can be also used to carry out tests on wire strips.

600 kN versatile device for testing flexibility

Similarly to the previous models, it is a hydraulic device with a two-bar structure that allows not only for flexibility tests (including tests on wire strips) but also elasticity and pressure tests without adding any other equipment.

Bending and balancing device

This test is specifically designed for round steel bars which are used in concrete. The aim of the test is to verify a sufficient expansion for functioning in cold conditions. Test involves bending the samples to the designated angle and then partial streightening to detect cracks or tears.

Test of imapct force - reflecting the flexibility

ASTM E 23 BS 131 ISO TC/7 EURONORM 7/55 UNI EN 10045-1 UNI EN 10045-2

A test of the hitting power or reflexive flexibility consists of measuring the force needed to fracture and a usual test in the wind. The device operates on the principle of the pendulum with the hitting object, while the tested object is placed on a trajectory of equilibrium point, the wind force is obtained through the potential energy of the pendulum and equal rotation, which is calculated while increasing the height.