Coring and drilling

Mining, drilling and entrainment equipment

A range of these devices can extract all kinds of materials /reinforced and common concrete, asphalt, masonry, rocks, etc./ with a diameter between 20 and 200 mm. Using special extensions it is possible to reach considerable depth which varies depending on the above mentioned materials as well as the diameter of the hole. Drilling and coring can be carried out at any angle while the machines are mobile and equipped with stabilizers. The frame is of a robust constuction and a rotating unit, mounted on a special trailer slides along a warm-screw guide. The maximum stroke is 70 cm. The devices are supplied complete with quick couplings for water supply, a handwheel and a set wrenches to fit and remove the bits.  The threaded drills are made with the gradient of 1 ¼ " /1.75 mm/ with 7 threads per inch.