Compression devices

ASTM C 39 BS 1610 DIN 51220 EN 12390-4 UNI 6686 UNE 83304
NF P 18-411

We offer models with capacity from 1500 to 5000 kN in manual, semi-automated and computer-controlled version. All these devices are hydraulic and the compression force is generated by a hydraulic drop hammer (50 mm gradient).
Two types of load frames are produced: one frame for standard sets and the other one of better quality, four-cylinder, made of stainless steel for EUR sets.

Multi-testing device

Models of multi-testing devices are unique and based on 700 bars, an exclusive design Tecnotest.
One frame consists of two parts with different capacities, one inside another.
This solution allows testing with accurate results, even for samples with low power.

SC silent and cold power

We are proud to introduce you one of patents on scale compression testing of concrete, controlled by an innovative management console.
The SC logo embodies a new technology designed to meet the objectives: it creates oil pressure of 700 bar, prevents overheating of hydraulic fluid, allows obtaining accurate measurements and inspections, while reducing energy consumption. The SC technology can be used on devices with either an automatic or computer controlled console.
The automatically controlled console KE 70 can be easily used along with the frames that we supply.


Interesting elements of the device can be used in combination with a hydraulically controlled unit.
Therefore the both, a standard manual version and SC automatic version with a hydraulic control console can be used with great accuracy of results at the combination of devices with very different working pressures and capacities. The compression devices can be combined with frames for testing flexibility, indirect cutting force for tile parts, testing flexibility of curbs or concrete blocks.

Special devices

These devices use the standard or almost standard technologies developed according to  customer's requirements. The specifications allow for an increase of vertical range, lower pressure, electronic load of cells built into a hydraulic arm and a pressure device to calibrate the load cells.

4000kN Work station

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of large laboratories with many standard samples to test the required optimal effectiveness. It is equipped with excellent and precise electronic and mechanical components, it is undoubtedly the most perfect pressure testing device that the world has ever produced. Testing time is reduced to the absolute minimum necessary to compress the sample until it reaches the breaking point. It does not make only compression test of samples, but also weighs by an electronic load of the particles and also measures by a laser beam and optical network. The sample is placed between two testing plates and after the sample is broken, the plate is cleaned and fragments of the sample are transferred by a collection channel to a feeder tray. All these steps are performed automatically.

Stress tests on concrete pipes

We supply components for load testing as well as control consoles to use for testing frames, which are designed and manufactured at customers.  This way  the high costs associated with transportation, installation of very large sizes is eliminated. Hydraulic system is available from 700 to 1000kN.
It is a steel structure designed by us to test concrete pipes with a diameter of between 450 to 1500 mm and maximum length of 2500mm.

NDT (nondestructive inspection)

We offer a wide range of devices for a non-destructive inspection of concrete structures. The device is to determine the quality and integrity of the concrete, which changes over time due to different atmospheric agents, air pollution, chemical reactants against the ice and so on.