Cement and mortar

C 025/C 250 kN/15 kN Computer testing equipment with feedback system

Our solution represents an innovation in testng apparatus design and assures accuracy as well as control of constant load. The constant load means adaptation of the engine in a feedback loop in order not to overheat fluids in hydraulic systems or cause any other related consequences in terms of overall machine response. While testing, the monitor displays significant data and related graphs in real time. The structure has one testing bay with two load cells of a different capacity in full function: up to 15 kN the device reads the data of a lower range, then automatically transfers to the dynamometer with the full range up to 250 kN while a mechanical checking device prevents a deformation of gauges. The main software is designed to use Microsoft ACCESS. The standard software includes facilities for the compression and flexibility tests. The device also provides a positive, negative and zero-load ramp along with the data and time specified by a user. It is also possible to calculate the elasticity modules. When a relevant software is purchased, it is also possible to monitor deformations.

Vicat automatic cement tester

ASTM C 187 ASTM C 191-1 AASHTO T 129 AASHTO T 131 EN 196-3

The device enables automatic testing. It operates on the principle of a cartezian robot powered by stepper motors which allows the movement of the needle along three axes so that it can be positioned anywhere in the area being tested. The penetration measurement  is given in tenths of a millimeter, thus allowing the final time setting  to be recorded using the normal initial time setting of the needle and avoiding the needle replacement during the test. After each test, the needle is brought to brushes to be cleaned, where it remains until the next stage of the process. A special container can be installed for the thermostatic bath of samples. It is capable to keep the water temperature in the range 20°C ± 1°C. The display guides a user during the data input and shows a penetration diagram and test results. The thermal printer allows printing of the final report with a relevant graph. Data generated in the printing file are also sent to the RS 232 serial port to be downloaded to a PC. Up to 30 different test configurations and 50 complete tests can be stored.

Dimensional stability of cement

EN 196-3

La Chatelier Moulds are made of chrome-plated brass. A water bath is made of stainless steel and is supplied with a removable bracket for 12 moulds.A calibration set for moulds is also available.


EN 413-2 EN 459-2 EN 1015-7 ASTM C 230 BS 4551

Two versions are produced: EN and ASTM. Both models can be supplied in an automatic or manual version.

The volume of air

EN 413-2 EN 459-2 EN 1015-7

The device is made of cast aluminium, one-liter container is held by two mounts.
Two valves, one for water supply and the second for a ventilation of  sound. Integrated hand pump.
Built-in gauge is calibrated from 0 to 50%.

5-liter concrete mixer

caukoEN 196 EN413-2 EN459-2

It is used to prepare cement concrete according to relevant specifications. It is made of stainless steel.
The planetary speed: 62 and 125 rpm (clockwise). The stirrer speed: 140 and 285 rpm (counterclockwise). The mixing vessel has a 5-liter volume and quickly attachable clips to ensure that it can be attached or removed easily from the mixer. The mixer is made of polished stainless steel. It is equipped with double protection in accordance with the CE requirements - one at the submersible equipment and the second one at the security screen. We offer a standard model and a model with automatic container for sand and a vessel for manual delivery of other mixtures or water while stirring. A stirring cycle is programmed electronically.

Compaction table

AFNOR P 15 AFNOR P 412 EN 196/1

It consists of two parts: a fixed one and oscillating one. It is made of stainless steel using the flap lock of ta sample, including a security guard. The control panel is equiped by a power switch, neon power supply, control knobs, three digital selectors to choose the number of cycles after which the machine automatically stops.

Curing boxes

EN 196 ASTM C 31 ASTM C 191 ASTM C 192 EN 1015-12

There are 2 models: the first model with a horizontal temperature range +10 ° to + 40 ° C and adjustable humidity between 80 and 100%. The second model is a vertical box with a temperature range of +15 ° to + 30 ° C and adjustable humidity between 65 and 100%. Both models are made of stainless steel and equipped with a cooling unit.