Asphalt and roads

MARSHALL 50k testing device

ASTM D 1559 AASHTO T 245 BS 598 CNR 30 EN 12697-34

We manufacture various models: a continuous variable-speed machine (T 052/E), six-speed machine (T 051) and a fixed speed machine (B 050).
Special features of multitest machine is its variable speed operaring within the range up to 52 mm/min as well as the ability to perform tests inspecting both load and deformation.
These devices are therefore used for performing tests on asphalt surfaces (Marshall and indirect tensile tests), compression tests on asphalt-cement and soil-cement mixtures, flexural tests on concrete, mortar, bricks, natural stone, tiles as well as for performing quick triaxial tests on soil.

Indirect tensile tests

The testing device performs tests on specimens with a diameter of 100, 150 and 160 mm.
It is possible to choose a device without vertical and horizontal measurements (in accordance with European standards) or alternative device with two displacement transducers for measuring deformation.
The latter solution requires the use of the model T 052/E.

B 536/A Automatic asphalt binder analyser

EN 12697-39

This device is a combination of a sophisticated furnace and weighing equipment for continuous measuring of weigh loss during combustion and then automatical calculation of the content covalance at the end of testing.
Analyses are carried out on samples, max. 4.5 kg, and most tests are completed in 30 to 45 minutes.
An independently controlled post-combustion system with a discharge fan reduces emissions, therefore no aspiration hood is required .

B 100 Gyratory compactor

It is designed for use either on site or in laboratory conditions.
Samples with a diameter of 100 and 150 mm are needed and the centering device enables the samples to be easily aligned. An opening in the door of an illuminated chamber allows continuous monitoring of compacting cycle.
turns off and There is an emergency stop button and a safety switch which stops gyration when the guard door opens.  The device is ergonomically designed and provides plenty of space for loading, compaction and extrusion of the sample without lifting it.
The extruder is an electrical equipment and it is built into the frame of the device.

FWD–light falling weight deflectometer

German technical specification for soil and stone in the road construction TP BF, StB Part B 8.3
This device enables a quick determination of the dynamic deformation of soil EVD modules. It is particularly suitable for testing coarse grained and mixed soils  up to a maximum size of 63 mm in diameter.
The main advantage over traditional static tests is the measurement speed - it takes just 2 minutes to test one point. Its other advantages are that no counterbalance is necessary and it can be used in canyons and gorges.
This device is supplied with 10 kg and 15 kg falling weight. Much more advanced version allows  to download the test data immediately into a computer instead of using the printer.

TB 512 Polished stone value apparatus

(Polishing accelerator device)
ASTM E 303 BS 812 CNR 105 EN 1097-8 EN 1338 EN 1340 EN 1341 EN 1344

It is designed to determine the resistance of aggregates used for road paving and their wear caused by polishing (friction of vehicles' wheels). It is used to prepare aggregate samples for testing the resistance with Skid tester.

Skid resistance tester

ASTM E 303 BS 812 CNR 105 EN 1097-8 EN 1338 EN 1340 EN 1341 EN 1344

Portable device to check the resistance of road surfaces to skidding. The tester simulates the sliding of the vehicle tyre and the road.
The device measures the frictional resistance of a special rubber slider (mounted at the end of a pendulum arm) and the road surface.
It may also be used for "Polishing Stone Value" test using the samples obtained from the accelerating polishing device.

Marshall compactor

ASTM D 1559 EN 12697-10 EN 12697-30

Two hand-operated and two mechanical models are available.
The mechanical models are equipped with an automatic hammer and safety device in compliance with CE Directives.
They can be also supplied with a soundproof cabinet.

Tests on bitumen and emulsions

There is a wide range of products in complience with the standards.

Planetary mixers for bituminous mixtures

EN 12697-35

A range of planetary mixers INOTEC with a stirrer tank of stainless steel. The mixing bowl is supplied with special couplings for quick attachement to the mixer. The mixing equipment from nickel-plated steel for the bituminous mixture can be quickly and easily removed and relocated.
The device has a dual safety unit in compliance with the requirements of CE Directives.
20 and 5-liter versions are available, both with a 6-speed choice.
Some versions also have the option of heating.