Mikro-Deval device

EN 1097-1 EN 13450 CNR 109 NF P18-572 NF P18-576

This device is intended to establish the aggregate resistance. The units are located in a rotating cylinder with abrasive elements. Four stainless steel cylinders with a diameter of 200 mm and height from 154 mm to 400 mm rotate at a constant speed on two metal roller bearers.
We supply two models: a standard one and one with a sound insulation cabinet in accordance with CE (Central European) standards.

Dust particles determination

Current standards regulating the CE product certification have resulted in such tests like Methylene Blue Determination. The Sand Equivalence tests are also becoming important.

Abrasive device LOS ANGELES

[Translate to English:] ASTM C 131 CNR 34 EN 1097-2

The device is used to evaluate the resistance of aggregates to abrasion. It consists of an iron frame which holds a barrel, 1 hp electromotor, speed reducer turn and a galvanised steel tray to collect the material. A toothed belt serves to avoid sliding and assure the accuracy of the drum rotation.

In accordance with CE standards, the device can be supplied either with  a safety guide or in a sound insulation cabinet.