Finger screens
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For sorting hard-to-sort materials, de-soiling, removing fine parts from final fractions, (for example for purifying railway gravel), sorting recycled materials and composts, etc.


Generally it is a rod screen with flexibly seated rod elements using a combined oscillation of the sorter, the screen and the material load; it has high sorting performance and it does not foul up; it can be used for a sorting border approx. 6 -76 mm.

Assembly instructions

The finger screen is fixed in a special beam, which is mounted between the sorter side plates; this construction allows the gradient of individual finger rows to be adjusted; the assistance of a professional company is required for sorters with dimensions wider than approx. 1600 x 4000 mm; the beam can be the maximum of 1600 mm long, a constructional adjustment is necessary for wider sorters.

Size of slot

5 - 76 mm.

Diameter of wire

10, 12 and soon also 17 mm


Abrasion-resistant spring steel


The length of the screen is approx. 520 mm. The modular finger sections allows individual adjustment of the sorter width.