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Screening machine LIWELL®


In situations, where the usual vibrating sorting technique cannot cope with extremely sticky and hard separable materials, our comapny VOMET Ltd.  offres an unique solution. They are extremely effective screening machines from the brand LIWELL ®, which thanks to their unique design are able to speed up the sorted material a few times more than conventional sorters. The result is a possibility of an accurate sorting of very fine and hard separable fractions as well as a high self-cleaning ability.

It is a special double-box sorter  in which each frame has a separate drive. Therefore the screen surfaces are able to do a very special movement, which enables their continuous self-cleaning. The sorters are fitted with membrane screens suitable for sorting natural bulk materials with a high tendency of sticking (such as. extracted natural sands) and crushed bulk materials which exhibit a tendency to get stuck or jammed on the screen. A big advantage is a possibility of  sorting grains of small sizes (1-4 mm), whereas this kind of sorting  on conventional screens is not efficient due to jamming of the screen openings.

Common use:

Dry sorting of materials with high humidity: dolomite, limestone HT 0.9-10 mm, coal HT 20-40 mm, compost HT 40-20 mm, slag 2-20 mm, fertilizer HT  0.63-4 mm, sand HT 2-15 mm.