Stretched Screens

Transverse and longitudinal stretched


For sorting of dry and wet loose materials, dewatering


The polyurethane area is cast in one piece including the fixing welts; the rubber area is also produced in one piece using other technology including welts; polyurethane or rubber areas can be installed in the sorter separately or they can be combined with wire screens.

Assembly instructions

The screen is tensioned crosswise between the side plates by tensioning ledges inserted into A-welts; at the places of contact with the supporting longitudal beams of the sorter, these beams must be equipped with a protective rubber profile; recommended rise of the bracket is 20 mm per 1 m of the sorter width or length; the screen cannot be drilled in the locations between the meshes because this could cause the disturbance of the steel arming and the whole screen might become useless; when using screen at the dropping area of the sorter, it is possible to produce a part of the screen from a solid material (without any holes).

Size of mesh

2 - 130 mm.

Thickness of the screen

20 - 60 mm.


A-type polyurethane elastomer, highly abrasion resistant within 45 - 90 Shore hardness and rubber screen within 40 - 75 Shore hardness; polyurathane screens are internally armed with steel metal chains


According to the shape of the sorter (maximum size of one screen approximately 1.5 x 3 m).