Modular system


Used for dry and wet grading and drainage.


The sectional (modular) screen system is the most modern trend in sorting and dehydration industries. The sorter screen platform consists of modules (components) with conical meshes and standardized outer dimension of 300 x 1000 mm (300 x 600 mm for Uni-Step system), which are supplemented by the edge segments of required width according to the size of the sorter itself. The biggest advantage of the sectional screen system is its great variability with all the other positive features of non-metallic screens.


Assembly instructions

Screen modules are mounted between adaptation ledges, which are fixed to the sorter frame beams. This enables individual screen modules to be easily replaced in the case of wear or possible damage, which causes equal wear of the screen components and long lifetime of the whole screen platform.

Screen modules can vary in hardness and can be produced with inner reinforcement in relation to the operational load, which enables to achieve high quality and accurate sorting.


Mesh size

1 - 135 mm (square and rectangular openings)

The thickness of the screen

30 - 60 mm


Polyurethane elastomer type A or B in the range of hardness from 45 to 90 Shore. Inside with the armored steel reinforcement.


Normally 300 x 1000 mm for the central modules according to the size of the sorter.