Clamped polyurethane and rubber screen
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For sorting of dry and wet loose materials, dewatering; they can also be used for sorting when the screen can not be tensioned in the sorter.


The polyurethane area is cast in one piece and inside it is armed with steel reinforcement and fixing holes; the rubber area is also produced in one piece using other technology and it is also equipped with fixing holes.

Assembly instructions

Mounting in the sorter with bolts or with ledges and wedges; usually it is also necessary to mount the screen area onto the longitudal beams of the sorter with hooks or stirrups; when it is mounted with bolts, it is necessary to specify the mounting holes before the order is placed; consecutive drilling of the screen is not recommended due to the internal armature.

Size of mesh

For rough sorting 63 - 120 mm, for medium and fine sorting 4,5 - 63 mm, for dehydration of slit from 0,25 x 9 do 5 x 25 mm,  (possible square or rectangular meshes), also other individual designs are possible, forexample with thermoplatic screen fields.

Thickness of screen

30 - 60 mm for rough sorting, 18 - 35 mm for other variants


a) A-type polyurathane elastomer in 45 - 90 Shore hardness, an internal armouring with steel reinforcement

b) Rubber mixture vulcanised on a steel frame or punched rubber plate with cord reinformcement


According to the sorter construction (maximum dimension of one screen is approx. 1,5 x 3 m)