D-3 type
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The panel fencing D-3 type belongs to above standard modern products. It is adaptable to any natural conditions (curvature, corners, height differences, angles). Its unique system of fixing the panels to the post profiles allows its very fast and easy mounting. In addition, hot dip galvanizing and powder coating layer ensure its very good corrosion protection.

Panel fencing D-3 are characterized by a high level of protection and also therefore the individual panels are completed at he top by the vertical wires of the length up to 30 mm.


The massive construction of the panel fencing D-3 is characterized by high stiffness. This makes them suitable for protecting sensitive security zones, logistics centers, military installations, administrative units, or power plants.


Customers have a possibility to choose from more than 200 colours from RAL scheme. They can also choose a different colour for each part of the panel fencing.


  • Field Installation
  • Field Installation with the possibility of using concerete boards
  • Mounted on rigid (concrete base) by anchor plates


  • Gates and wickets
  • Bollards
  • Concrete boards
  • Fittings
  • Barbed wire


Panel Width: 2500 mm: 2510 mm
Wire diameter:

  • Typ D-3: horizontal wire (double ) Ø 5 mm, vertical wire Ø 6 mm

Opening size: 50 x 200 mm
Height of the panel: from 630 mm to 2450 mm
Completion from the top by the vertical wires of the length 30 mm  
Post profile: 60 × 60 × 2 mm (standard)