Transport appliances

Transport appliances MEA®

Dear customers,

let us introduce to you a novelty in our product range. They are transport appliances – a hanging systems made by company MEA, for which our company has the exclusive representation in the Slovak Republic.

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The area of the gate fittings is currently nearly without any boarders or limits. Originally the fittings were designed for the gate move, but currently the production program for a powerful multipurpose assortment in  various application areas has been developed. The area of the gates and doors still remains the biggest application area for this type of products. In order to enable an optimum solution for all requirements depending on the weight, we offer a wide production program in five different sizes.

The core of our range consists of the following products:

  • Runners and trolleys – standard or galvanized versions (blue or golden chromate, or sendzimir)
  • Assembly parts for the attachment to the walls and ceilings
  • Various versions of wind machines
  • Earth wires and guide pulleys
  • Various accessories

Self-supporting gates

The self-supporting gates are used in  industry,  workshops and there is also an increasing trend of their application in a private area. Free pass without any disturbing rails and without any height limits, easy assembly and high functional safety causes an enormous growth of the amount of the orders in this up-to-date production segment. The automation of the operation is another advantage, owing to which the self-supporting gates offer the high level of safety and comfort.

In our production range there are all fittings that are necessary for the self-supporting gate assembly. The choice of the fittings depends on the clear width of the passageway and on the gate weight.

Pulleys made of cast iron

Pulleys are used even nowadays for the barn gates, gates of the auxiliary buildings, etc.

We have in our production program the following pulleys:

  • Pulleys for the gates with the galvanized holder
  • Idle pulleys

The pulleys of different diameters and  corresponding bearing capacities are used depending on the gate weight.

Steel pulleys

They are used for the gates with bottom travel. These pulleys represent economically more suitable alternative to the self-supporting gates, if the gate is opened and closed in longer time intervals.

There are the following pulleys in our assortment:

  • Guide pulleys with simple fit
  • Guide pulleys with double fit
  • Guide pulleys with side covers