Type 900


The belt is made from cross rods on which are thread various large bent flat steel profiles (honeycombs) which define mesh sizes. The ends of cross rods are finished with weld. Drive wheels may be a part of these belts delivery if requested.


  • straight run of the belt
  • positive driving of the belt without slipping
  • large open area allows washing or drying of products on the belt
  • small area of contact with a product where necessary
  • high strength and long lifetime of the belts


As a drying belt in the food-processing industry, as a conveyor and  washing belt in the chemical and engineering industry, a cooling belt for rubber and plastic products, a conveyor belt in packing machines used for packaging into foils etc..

Technical data

Pitch of cross rods: 13,70 - 30,60 mm

Pitch of profiles (honeycombs): 14.00 - 22,00 mm

Diameter of cross rods: 2,50 - 5,00 mm

Dimension of profiles (honeycombs): 9,50 x 1,20 - 12,50 x 1,50 mm

Standard materials: mild steel, stainless steel

Working temperature: up to 400 °C

Edge ends: weld (G)