Type 750


This belt is made similarly as the type 700 but the wires are straight not bent. The wires are finished in a loop at the end of the belt.


  • straight run of the belt
  • positive driving of the belt without slipping
  • large open area allows washing or drying of products on the belt
  • light
  • easy to clean does not clog up
  • suitable only for smaller widths (if it is wider and more loaded it could be bent and subsequently permanent deformated)


As a cooling belt in the bakery and confectionery idnustry, a conveyor belt in the chemical and engineering industry, a conveyor belt in foil packing machines etc..

Technical data

Pitch of wires: 15,20 - 61,10 mm

Diameter of bars: 4,00 - 8,00 mm

Mesh size: 200,00 - 600,00 mm

Standard materials: mild steel, stainless steel

Working temperature: up to 350 °C

Edge ends: loop (S)