Type 700


This belt is made of regularly bent wires which are interlaced one to the other. The wires are bent in a horizontal and also a vertical direction and that is why there is a possibility of easy bending also on the small transitional side but only in one direction. If the belt is not installed correctly it can be permanently deformed and damaged. The ends of wires are finished in a loop. Connecting tubes and drive wheels are part of the delivery of these belts.


  • straight run of the belt
  • positive driving of the belt without slipping
  • large open area allows the washing or drying of products on the belt
  • when used in a bath it does not take out the content of the bath
  • small area of contact with a product where necessary
  • light
  • easy to clean, does not clog up
  • very sensitive to damage, requires regular care and maintenance


As a baking or drying belt in the food-processing industry above all in bakeries, confectionery and chocolate industry, as a conveyor belt in the chemical and engineering industry, as a conveyor belt in packing machines used for packaging into foils, etc..

Technical data

Pitch of wires: 4,00 - 25,00 mm

Diameter of wires: 0,90 - 4,00 mm

Mesh size: 50,00 - 150,00 mm

Standard materials: mild spring steel, stainless steel

Working temperature: max up to 400 °C

Edge ends: loop (S)