Type 600


This belt is made from cross bars which are alternately interlaced, in the direction of belt movement, with steel ropes. The cross bars can be straight or cimped. Bars are bent or welded together at the belt edge.


  • relatively strong considering its large open area
  • large open area allows washing or drying of products on the belt
  • light
  • easy to clean, does not clog up
  • must be produced exact length because it can not be extended or shortened
  • ropes are worn off in relatively short period and the belt is unfunctional when they are damaged


For washing or drying in the food-processing industry, especially for drying of fruit and vegetables, as a dehydrating belt in sugar industry and drying belt in chemical and ceramic industry, etc..

Technical data

Pitch of cross bars: 2,00 - 3,85 mm

Pitch of ropes: 14.00 - 30,00 mm

Diameter of cross bars: 1,20 - 2,00 mm

Diameter of ropes: 0,80 - 2,00 mm

Standard materials: mild steel, zinc coating, stainless steel

Working temperature: up to 300 °C

Edge ends: incurve(H), weld (G)