Type 550


This belt is the simplest woven metal belt. The belt is made of unilateral woven spiral wires (to the left or right) which are consequently interlaced with one another. The end of the belt is finished with a weld or an incurve.


  • very low price compared with other types of belts
  • large open area allows washing or drying of products on the belt
  • suitable only for light loads - if heavily loaded it stretches lengthways and becomes narrower


As a washing belt in the beverage and canning industry or for plotting of labels, as an conveyor belt in packaging machines used for packaging into foils - but it usually has to be supported by another stiffer belt as a metal curtain for lifting platforms preventing the entry of people or as a interfiltrating insert, etc..

Technical data

Mesh size: 2,00 - 60,00 mm

Diameter of wires: 0,50 - 5,50 mm

Standard materials: mild steel, stainless steel

Working temperature: up to 300 °C

Edge ends: weld (G), incurve (H)