Type 500, 502


The belt is made from one-sided woven spiral wire (either to the left or right). These spirals are interconnected by cross rods finished by welding. Another variation of this belt may be the belt with double-woven spiral - type 502.


  • suitable for heavy loads and high temperatures
  • very sensitive to setting and running, suitable only for low speeds
  • it tends to move sideways in the direction of the spiral winding


As a conveyor belt in hardening and tempering furnases and other heat treatments up to a temperature of 1150 °C.

Technical data

Pitch of cross rods: 3,00 - 50,00 mm

Pitch of spiral wires: 3.00 - 50,00 mm

Diameter of cross rods: 0,90 - 5,50 mm

Diameter of spiral wires: 0,60 - 5,50 mm

Standard materials: stainless steel for high temperatures

Working temperature: up to 1150 °C

Edge ends: weld (G)