Type 402


The belt is produced alike the type 400 from wide woven circural spiral wire. Alternately to the left and right woven spiral are doubled, to get maximum density of the belt and interconnected by crimped cross rods. Welding finishes the ends of cross rods. This belt is very dense and  retains heat well. What more doubled spiral wires protect against sliding of spiral wires and increase strength of the belt in tention too.


  • straight run of the belt
  • special type of the belt for metallurgy
  • long lifetime of the belts compared with belts of the type 400
  • delivered only in one version


As a belt for furnace hardening, annealing or brazing

Technical data

Pitch of cross rods: 17,00 mm

Pitch of spiral wires: 9,00 mm

Diameter of cross rods: 2,00 - 3,50 mm

Diameter of spiral wires: 2,00 - 3,00 mm

Standard materials: stainless steel for high temperatures

Working temperature: up to 1150 °C

Edge ends: weld (G)