Type 400


This belt is produced from closely woven circular spiral wire. Alternately to the left and right woven wires are interconnected by crimped cross rods. The ends of these cross rods are finished in a loop or weld. The way of finishing is usually chosen accorning to cross rod diameters. Thinner rods finish in loop and thicker ones in weld. The crimped cross rods allow saving of the original structure of the belt after it is tensioned because they prevent sliding of spiral wires.


  • straight run of the belt
  • tho most common and used type of the belt
  • large open area allows washing or drying of products on the belt
  • long lifetime of these belts
  • relatively low price compared with other types of belts
  • not suitable for transport of products which leave remains on the belt and decrease its effinciency by cloging up.


As a cooling belt in glass and ceramic factories, a conveyor belt in the confectionery and chocolate industry, conveyor belt in the chemical industry, washing belt in the beverage and canning industry, a drying belt in the wood-processing industry, a conveyor belt in packaging machines used for packaging into foils etc..

Technical data

Pitch of cross rods: 4,00 - 86,00 mm

Pitch of spiral wires: 3.00 - 50,00 mm

Diameter of cross rods: 1,00 - 8,00 mm

Diameter of spiral wires: 0,80 - 6,00 mm

Standard materials: mild steel, stainless steel, stainless steel for high temperature

Working temperature: up to 1150 °C

Edge ends: weld (G), loop (S)