Type 1000


This belt is made in order to move in curve with help of special guidance. A free seated cross rod enables it because it is able to make various pitch size. Special meshes for gear wheels are threaded and  welded in the end of an each cross rod. Spiral wires can or need not be among cross rods. Driging wheels may be a part of delivery of the belts if they are requested.


  • straight run of the belt
  • positive driving of the belt without slipping
  • possible running of the belt into a curve or a spiral
  • large open area allows easy air flow on the belt
  • belt is very light
  • long lifetime of the belts


As a spiral belt in freezing and cooling tunels, as a conveyor belt in confectionery and chocolate industry, as a cooling belt in bakeries, a conveyor belt in the chemical industry, as a supporting belt in special driers, as a conveyor plotting belt in special discharging towers at ports and airports, etc..

Technical data

Pitch of cross rods: 19,05 - 27,40 mm

Pitch of spiral wires: 5.00 - 12,70 mm

Diameter of cross rods: 5,00 mm

Diameter of spiral wires: 1,00 - 1,60 mm

Standard materials: stainless steel

Working temperature: from - 200 to + 350 °C

Edge ends: chain (KE)